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Point of Sale and Data Management


POSDM a single point of entry solution to support an high-performance upload of POS data and its analysis is integrated with the software component SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW). It is comprising of a POS Inbound Processing Engine (PIPE) and the related BW Content for ‘POS Analytics’. It is also possible as Stand-alone-Solution to provide Sales Data to BW for Analysis

POSDM address the following challenges :

  • Data transfer from one or several POS systems in different Countries
  • Performance at ERP processing
  • Integrity of POS data not ensured
  • Sales Audit Capabilities
  • Missing integration of POS and follow-on processes
  • Inability to turn data into useful information
POSDM supports the following standard transaction types:
  • Sales transactions – Sales transactions including means of payment
  • FI transactions – Cash register extraction, pay in, pay out
  • Goods movements – Goods receipt, goods issue, markdowns
  • Control transactions – Cashier log on/off, drawer opened, system start
  • Sum records – Sales, discounts, taxes, cashier statistics, register closing
  • Cancellations

Our Edge

  • TECHBRAWN has Experience in implementing POSDM across retail formats likeSAP POSDM
    – Optical
    – Department Store
    – Electronics
    – Furniture
    – Home Furnishing
    – Fashion
  • Implemented POSDM for retailers having stores ranging from 50 to 2000 .
  • Experience in integrating POSDM with various third party financial software systems.
  • Implemented POS integration with SAP using POS DM involving multiple POS  solutions like  SAP-POS, other 3rd Party POS applications and custom POS applications
  • Integrating POSDM with SAP AFS
  • POSDM implementation for large retailers across geographies addressing multi country, multi currency and multi format environments
  • Multiple profiles management, Different POS Transaction Types and financial transaction types handling, Discount Types and reason groups e.g. price overrides.
  • Custom enhancement & interfaces like Physical Inventory Count Process and other processes.