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SAP Personas


SAP Screen Personas allows companies to personalize their SAP ERP screens for different user roles without any custom programming / development. They can manage different user and group profiles to optimize productivity, enhance user satisfaction, and minimize training time on SAP.

Easy to install and intuitive to use, SAP Screen Personas enables all the functionality of the standard SAP GUI with the personalized environment of the new web-based UI layer in which a user can drag and drop certain fields and functionality.

Business Values


  • Gain productivity - By providing only the essential screen elements and data to complete business transactions faster and more accurately through fewer data entry fields, clicks and reduced scrolling.
  • Improve user adoption - By making SAP standard GUI screens easier to use.
  • Enhanced Data Quality - By reducing free text entry fields.
  • Reduced Cost - Reduce the cost of personalization by eliminating the need for ABAP programmers or software developers.
  • Save training costs - By making the user experience more intuitive, you can reduce or eliminate training for your staff.

TECHBRAWN Offerings:

Our experienced consulting will help you to personalizing sap standard screens by proposing a better way to approach SAP screens complexity by rendering it more attractive and easy to use.