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SAP LUMIRA combine and enrich data from many data source and apply it to your business scenarios using “Self Service” visualizations and analytics to describe your story. It Maximizes business knowledge with a combination of big picture insights and granular details. Using LUMIRA You can access your BI reports and metrics in real time or offline using the same BI contents you work with everyday on your desktop optimized for visualize any amount of data in real time on detailed data with SAP HANA.

Fast Data manipulation and engaging visualizations allow user to combine and analyze data from a variety of source and quickly gain unique insight.

  • Self-service data acquisition of enterprise and personal sources
  • Data enrichment with time and geographic hierarchies
  • Visualization to convey and share qualitative and quantitative knowledge
  • Direct connectivity to the SAP HANA platform
  • Faster time to insight – Deliver self-service data discovery on your data (big-small)
  • Engaging content – Create beautiful graphic and visualizations in real to convey and share knowledge
  • IT approved solution- increase self-service data usage and leverage existing business intelligence (BI) investment without adding to the IT workload.