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SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (F&R) has specifically been created for efficient replenishment of retailers’ stores and distribution centers. Its main goal is to simultaneously reduce inventories while optimizing actual service levels.

SAP F&R focuses on products that are replenished on a regular base from external and/or internal vendors. It manages even more complex product, which are affected by trends, seasons, seasonality, price changes and/or promotions.

SAP F&R is the key solution, which drives efficient inventories in stores and DC of retailers. SAP F&R allows planning and executing inventory strategies on a global basis. With its advanced multilevel replenishment capabilities it allows streamlining inventories along the supply chain and lower overall inventory levels and cost while optimizing fulfillment rates.

SAP F&R provides the following capabilities:


  • Sophisticated demand forecast.
  • Automated replenishment with flexible safety stock policy and optimization features for orders, such as Truck Load Building or Economic Order Quantity.
  • Efficient DC replenishment driven by rolling store order forecasts up to the DC level for a most precise consideration of future demand.
  • Alert-driven manual interventions to support the high degree of automation throughout all of the processes.
  • Standard analytics content within SAP BI to monitor the quality of the processes and of the solution implementation.
  • Scalability and management of high data volumes.
  • SAP F&R automatically provides the purchasing system with optimized order proposals.