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SAP Fashion Management, SAP FMS

SAP Fashion Management


SAP Fashion Management is a vertically integrated solution on SAP HANA® Platform. It enables fashion brands to manufacture products and sell to retailers and end consumers through a single solution.SAP FMS

It is a customizable solution, wrapping previously running solutions into one, easy-to-manage, real-time system to help fashion brands grow into a global business while helping increase revenues, margin and efficiency.

SAP FMS supports and optimizes multiple channels: manufacturing, wholesale and retail by the value of vertical integration of common processes on a shared global inventory. FMS brings all active AFS processes including AFS categories onto an SAP Retail base giving one ERP e.g. common master data concepts, shared planning and procurement, multi channel enabled ATP and Allocation Run, Thus, complementing manufacturing, wholesale and retail processes on a single backend system based on the SAP IS-Retail solution.

As a result of TECHBRAWN’S deep knowledge of Retails as well as AFS solutions provided by SAP earlier, we help fashion businesses leverage the latest Fashion Management Solution from SAP. We can help you drive enterprise-wide transformation starting from strategy, through system-design and implementation to training and support.