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SAP Fiori


SAP Fiori – meaning ‘flowers’ in Italian – represents SAP’s intent to deliver consumer-grade user experience to our most broadly and frequently used business transactions.

Delivered with a fresh and modern user interface, SAP Fiori apps adhere to a consistent and responsive design that allows users to seamlessly experience the apps across various interaction channels – desktop, tablet, and mobile. The apps follow a simple and intuitive interaction pattern that enables users to accomplish their tasks quickly and effortlessly.

SAP Fiori Types

Transactional – Task-based Access


Access to tasks like change, create, or approve processes with guided navigation

Transactional – Task-based Access


Visual overview of a dedicated topic for further KPI related analyses

Factsheet – Search and Explore


View essential information about objects and contextual navigation between related objects approve processes with guided navigation

  • Gain productivity
    By making SAP software easier to use, people will get more done in less time, freeing them to pursue additional projects.
  • Increase user adoption
    With a more intuitive experience, there is less internal resistance to using SAP. This means greater adoption of business processes, so more mission-critical information resides in your system of record, where it belongs.
  • Decrease user errors
    Enabling a simple, role-based interface and converting open text fields to pull down menus or radio buttons, greatly reduces the opportunity for people to make data entry errors. With fewer mistakes to correct, you can decrease the significant cost or rework.
  • Save training costs
    By making the user experience more intuitive, you can reduce or eliminate training for your staff. Many companies invest heavily in training their employees how to use SAP. They must pay for the training class as well as take people away from their day jobs to attend the training. This all goes away when the software is intuitive and easy to use.

Our experienced team will help you to with the following SAP Fiori offerings:

  • High level assessment and fitment of SAP® Fiori TM and UI5 based apps to the client’s business needs.
  • Gap/Fit Analysis to assess if the application fits processes and is compliant with security policies
  • Installation and configuration of SAP Fiori apps to meet your business requirement
  • Extending existing SAP Fiori apps to align with your requirement and process.
  • Test installation of an SAP® Fiori TM App in a client’s test environment
  • Customization including brand the application or translating it in different languages
  • Pre-launch Stress Testing
  • Roadmap to production to enable a global launch of the AppTest installation of an SAP® Fiori TM App in a client’s test environment