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SAP CAR, SAP Customer Activity Repository

Customer Activity Repository


SAP Customer Activity Repository is a foundation that collaborates transactional data that was earlier spread over multiple independent applications in diverse formats. It provides a common foundation and an orchestrated multichannel transaction data model for all consuming applications.

SAP Customer Activity Repository helps retailers in becoming more customer-centric by bringing together customer, sales, and inventory information from different applications.

It empowers retailers to optimize branding, marketing, promotions, pricing, merchandising, inventory management processes by consolidating interactions from stores, mobile channels and online with insight from social media feedback such as Facebook or Twitter.

SAP CAR can also be used by Retailers to gradually transform their system landscapes from traditional database to the SAP HANA, a revolutionary, in-memory database technology.

SAP Customer Activity Repository includes the following features:


  • POS Data Management – POS Data Transfer and Audit
  • MCSR – Multichannel Sales Repository
  • Multichannel Sales Analytics
  • Inventory Visibility Analytics
  • On-Shelf Availability
  • Predictive capabilities, leveraging the Demand Data Foundation (DDF) and
  • Unified Demand Forecast (UDF)