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About Us


TECHBRAWN is a professional consulting organization, specialized in SAP solution integration and business process optimization with focus on the Retail industry. Founded in 2011, by an accomplished team of SAP consultants with extensive experience of combined integrated business management system, TECHBRAWN knows how to leverage SAP to improve and streamline processes for its clients.

Our solutions help retailers leverage their ecosystem –along with vital relationships with customers, employees, and suppliers, while gaining superior visibility to organizational performance across the enterprise. Well-versed in the forces that shape the future retail segment, TECHBRAWN’s comprehensive SAP for Retail portfolio offers intelligent, practical and innovative solutions that give our clients a competitive edge in the market. We are committed to implementing solutions designed to meet our clients’ needs, priorities, resources and budgets in the softline, hardline and food-retail segments.

Our dedicated consultants have led numerous strategic, transformational consulting engagements – and implemented next-generation customer-focused solutions for global customers in the United States, Latin-America, Asia-Pacific, South Africa, Europe, Middle-East and India.

About us

Our portfolio of services in the area of SAP IS Retail, SAP FMS,SAP CAR, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Business Analytics, and seamless integration with other retail IT solutions i.e. POS and ecommerce to offer clients a deep edge in understanding key marketplace issues and help them yield better business outcomes.

TECHBRAWN’s unwavering commitment has led to strong, long-standing client relationships with major retail players. We’ve signed up key new contracts, implemented new systems amid remarkable success with customers across the globe. Some of our notable clients include, AlFuttaim, SACO Virgin Megastores, Al Batha, JD Group, Dalami Brands, Everest Industries, DIGIworld, Videocon and many more.

Our Expertise

  • With reliable and tested procedures and a strong work ethic culture that combines quality with performance, our resource pool of experienced consultants is well-versed with all dimensions of SAP for Retail solution portfolio, including SAP IS Retail implementation, SAP FMS, SAP, Customer Activity Report (CAR), POSDM, SAP MAP/P4R, SAP IMIM, SAP F&R etc.
  • Our senior management beholds an average age of 12-15years of industry “Best Practice” solutions of SAP applications, and are stalwarts in strategic and tactic knowledge across the retail spectrum.
  • Our manager consultants are cross-trained in all functional and technical aspects that support critical business processes and manage successful project deliveries.
  • Our project management team have full grasp of key SAP ERP deliverables and periphery solutions, and with the right industry exposure are able to support project teams in important project initiatives.
  • Leveraging distributed application services and professional staff, we deliver major SAP projects under tight deadlines.

Our Business Methodology

TECHBRAWN’s offerings in SAP are oriented at cost and effort optimization for the customer. By using our onsite or offshore methodology we deliver significant cost reduction to the customer. For onsite, our team of consultants perform all design and development activities at client’s site. For onshore, all execution is conducted by our staff at an offsite location. For Offshore, processes are performed by TECHBRAWN’s staff in our home office located in Gurgaon, India. Our team works with the client to understand the business requirements, define the scope, and control quality throughout the project lifecycle.

Also, the client can choose a hybrid model where our onsite and offsite staff will work with the client to deliver all aspects of the project lifecycle. Our mandate comes with an assurance on achieving successful and timely deployment of SAP solutions and towards maximizing value return on investment for our customers and ensuring that all project objectives are met.

Our Solutions

TECHBRAWN’s cohesive solutions possess all the functional and technical expertise required to provide supply chain leadership, innovation, and solutions to our clients. Our core service divisions include:

SAP Implementation Services and Support

Our team of expert SAP consultants helps retailers reduce the chance of implementation problems by helping to manage complexity, risk, and data integration challenges. We define key performance indicators and a reporting strategy as part of our service, and are experts in managing client teams and vendor teams to a successful implementation. We also guide the client team in the development of a change management plan. Our business management implementation services provide real-time, uniform channel competencies to meet fast changing customer demand. We help warrant a consistent retail experience across all channels, devices and processes. Whether you already have SAP systems running or are implementing SAP for the first time, we can streamline and combine fundamental business processes to expand operational productivity and margin performance.

Project Consulting

Our deep business acumen and knowledge of the best business practices that drive successful retail organizations enables competitive advantage for each and every one of our clients. Our seasoned project managers cover the full-cycle ecosystem and suite of SAP products. They understand the enterprise and what it takes to weave people, process and technology aspects of a SAP project to make it a success.

Application Services

Our bespoke and versatile SAP solutions for retailers has enabled us to provide incomparable offerings in most retail verticals such as electronics, home-furnishing, fashion, furniture, sports, restaurants and more. Our SAP functional solutions empower both proactive and reactive decision-making for optimal utilization.

Our Pillars of Strength

  • Performance with Integrity. To ensure we consistently live up to customer expectations as we foster a deep, meaningful and highly-motivated work environment based on a strong set of corporate values.
  • Teamwork, Trust and Commitment. These are the guiding forces of action for our people and more than others, we hold ourselves accountable to our values and interactions we uphold every day.
  • Quality and Efficiency. Consistent behavior that impacts positively on client deliverables and creates newer synergies with efficiency.
  • To stimulate and embrace dynamism that sparks creative fusions. We create, adapt and enhance create tools and processes to generate new and innovative business ideas and solutions.

Our Value Proposition

With a holistic and simplified approach our business services delivers industry expertise and breakthrough solutions for Retail.

  • Fast Go to Market
  • Optimize Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Future Compatibility
  • Customer-driven supply chain
  • Unified Consumer Experience

WHY TECHBRAWN’s SAP Retail Practice?

  • An IT Servicing and consulting company focused into end-to-end SAP Retail solution implementation, maintenance/support to existing SAP implementations and roll-outs.
  • Functionally and technically qualified resource pool with the ability to scale up as per need.
  • Capability to provide unfailing quality and service levels.
  • Capability to successfully adopt customer’s systems for application development and release.
  • Extensive use of tools for Analysis, Knowledge Management and Project management.
  • SAP Retail project experience in end-to-end implementation; SAP – 3rd Party POS/Application integrations, SAP MAP / P4R.
  • Successful projects across the globe in both managing and leading roles.
  • Project experience spread across multiple geographies: India, UK, USA, South America, South Africa, Asia-Pacific & Middle East.